Check out this article from Daniel Island’s Neighborhood Association!

Patriotism At Its Best! The Celebration of Flags as you enter Daniel Island will be even brighter this Labor Day, thanks to Lyerlys Cleaners who clean American Flags for free. David Holtz of Lyerlys 2Go was impressed by the patriotism displayed and the emotion of pride as an American. David extended an offer to the Daniel Island Property Owners Association to clean the American Flags for free which has been a standard for 85 years at Lyerlys Cleaners. Lyerlys Cleaners cleaned and pressed all 94 flags for our community for free! Lyerlys cleans flags for individuals, organizations and presses the American flags for funeral homes that go in the caskets of our deceased veterans as they finish their earthly service. Lyerlys Cleaners also offers discounts on cleaning to veterans and safety officers. Lyerlys Cleaners is active on Daniel Island through Lyerlys 2Go. Bob Lloyd, owner of Lyerlys Cleaners said, demonstrating love for our freedom as American’s and our appreciation for the men and women who risk their lives or made the ultimate sacrifice to protect them us easy. The sacrifice we make discounting or doing things for free is nothing compared to what they have done for us.” The Daniel Island POA would like to say “thank you” to Lyerlys Cleaners for their sponsorship of this program and their loyalty to our community.